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We invest in ideas that excite us and people who are committed to seeing their vision all the way through. 

Your personal capital, relentless drive, decades of experience, and an international network of partners can drive any idea to its fullest potential. We specialize in forward-thinking companies within the Data Innovation space, as well as, Enterprise/ SaaS, Medical, and Consumer.

Meet a few of our Portfolio Companies

We’ve invested in over 100 Arizona companies.


Dental offices gain access to high quality dental professionals, on-demand, while dental professionals can pick up work that fits their schedules.


Prospect Desk

Prospect Desk is a customer relationship management (CRM) software designed to help businesses streamline their sales and marketing processes.



StormWind Studios is an e-learning and training company that provides IT certification and training solutions for individuals and businesses.



Coplex is a startup studio and venture builder that provides support and resources for entrepreneurs to build successful businesses.



Insight helps businesses run more efficiently and modernize with cutting-edge technology solutions for organizations of all sizes.



Trovo AI Prospect Desk is a sales enablement platform that helps businesses streamline their sales process and improve customer engagement.



Freestar is a leading monetization partner for websites and digital publishers. They offer a range of services, including ad revenue optimization, ad operations, and header bidding management.


Black Pearl

An email management platform that offers advanced features and allows users to create and send personalized email signatures and analytics with dynamic content.


Second Sight

Second Sight is a cybersecurity company that offers underwriting services, insurance, and risk management for the digital age.


Our focus is investing in companies that are innovating in the field of data.

Our Data Innovation Portfolio was created with two outcomes in mind, first, was to help support our portfolio companies in their 1st party data efforts, and second, could we support their top-of-funnel lead generation activities. What we learned was that we were woefully undermanned in both areas and began the process of solving both. Our investments in 5×5 solved the 1st party data issue, and our multitude of other investments has solved the top-of-funnel gaps. Resulting in the most powerful data co-op and top-of-funnel machine in the marketplace.


  1. Data-Driven Innovation:  The company should clearly focus on using data-driven technologies to innovate in their respective industry and demonstrate a unique approach to data collection, analysis, and implementation.
  2. Strong Management Team:  We look for startups led by experienced and passionate entrepreneurs with a track record of success in their respective fields.  We want to see a strong team with complementary skill sets that can execute on the company’s vision.
  3. Traction and Scalability:  We want to see evidence of early traction, such as customer acquisition, revenue growth, or partnerships with strategic players.  We also look for companies with scalable business models that can achieve significant growth and profitability over time.
  4. Capital Efficiency:  We look for startups that can achieve their goals with reasonable capital requirements and a clear path to profitability.  We prefer companies with low burn rates and focusing on generating sustainable revenue streams.
  5. Market Potential:  The company should have a clear understanding of the market opportunity and a strategy to capture a meaningful share of it
  6. Competitive Advantage:  We seek companies with a unique competitive advantage, whether through proprietary technology, intellectual property, or other factors that can create barriers to entry for competitors.
  7. Alignment with our Values:  We prioritize investments in companies that align with our values and have a positive impact on society.