AZ Crown is a private investment firm that creates long-term value by bringing extensive industry knowledge, operational expertise and leadership to quality investment opportunities. The firm invests across all stages of corporate development through growth capital, equity value investing and early-stage ventures. Its portfolio spans a range of sectors, including entertainment and media, energy and natural resources, financial and information services and technology.

Across its owned or partnered businesses, AZ Crown will grow your business to new heights:


Principals Eric Crown and Tim Crown have developed multi-billion dollar organizations from scratch, and play an active role as trusted advisors in AZ Crown investments.


AZ Crown's investments range from high-volume, low-margin organizations to specialty firms providing customized service in largely uncontested markets. The single element tying these businesses together? A relentless emphasis on growing profitability.


AZ Crown's principals have vast experience with rapid operational and market-area growth, turning local businesses into national powerhouses and, increasingly, opening doors to other high-growth markets.


The sheer size and reach of AZ Crown means that many businesses see immediate benefits far beyond our investment. Through formal partnerships and informal introductions, the AZ Crown network of companies becomes an active participant in its members' success.


Hard work and tremendous effort never killed anyone.
In fact, it normally makes you world class and an expert at something.


Today, AZ Crown's remarkable depth in strategy, operational management and rapid-growth execution can be found at the heart of an array of owned and partnered companies across virtually every sector of the economy.

From entertainment to energy and from consumer media to back-office ecommerce, the portfolio is diverse, but united by a common factor: All are extraordinary companies outperforming their peers with the aid of AZ Crown capital and expertise.

Case Study.

QuickSpark Financial

QuickSpark specializes in equipment lease-own financing, they provide their partners with more capital flexibility to help ensure success in the demanding world of business.

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Purpose, meaning, direction can all be found through deeds for and with others.


On a balance sheet, AZ Crown is the story of driven, consistent success for its principals and the companies in which AZ Crown has invested. But look closer, and AZ Crown is a family tale - the story of two visionary, entrepreneurial brothers, partners since they started mowing lawns when they were teenagers.

Like most brothers, they are deeply alike, both are former Eagle Scouts, and spectacularly different. And, like most brothers, a healthy sense of competition exists right alongside an unerring sense that they've got each other's back.


Tim is an entrepreneur and Chairman of the publicly held company Insight Enterprise that he started with his brother Eric. As CEO and now as Chairman Tim continues to guide Insight through the turbulent computer technology environment...

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Eric is an innovative investor and serial entrepreneur. His first start-up was Insight Enterprises, which he co-founded with his brother Tim. As CEO and Chairman, Eric guided the Company through cycles of dramatic growth...

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