Tim Crown.

Tim Crown is a leader, an investor and a strategic thinker behind one of the most successful growth stories in American business. As CEO and now as chairman of publicly held Insight Enterprises, which he started with his brother Eric, Tim has led the company into 22 countries with more than 5,000 worldwide employees and $5 billion in annual revenue.

Partners since they were teens, Crown sees - like his brother - opportunities to leverage knowledge and capital virtually everywhere. Together, they challenge business owners, empower staff to take risks and lead from the front - little surprise, since Tim and his brother are the sons of a military officer.

Today, Crown is co-manager of AZ Crown, taking an active role in assisting the companies AZ Crown invests with especially in the area of strategic planning, technology management and his particular expertise of operations and finance.

A father, a family man and a writer, Crown is also an avid mountain biker and endurance cyclist. He has been an active participant in Race Across America (RAAM), an organization that sponsors an endurance cycling event.

Crown has been involved in three of these races -- the most recent of which, in 2012, included his daughter. The event began in Oceanside, California and finished in Annapolis, Maryland. In that year's event, Crown's team rode for approximately 3,000 miles, climbed 170,000 feet, crossed 12 states, and passed through 88 counties and communities.

He is also a long-time member of the Young Presidents Organization, which is composed of leaders from 110 countries.

Crown's charitable activities span a range of local and national causes. Along with his brother, Eric, he launched the Crown Foundation more than 15 years ago to benefit charitable causes. The non-profit organization is based in Arizona.

He received a BS in Business and Computer Science from the University of Kansas.

Purpose, meaning, direction can all be found through deeds for and with others.